• Matt O'Reilly

Grow at Home | 3 Weeks of Family Discipleship in June

Do you want to make your home into a place where disciples are made?

On three Sunday nights during the month of June, we’ll gather as families – parents and kids! – for a fellowship meal followed by a time in which we explore strategies for cultivating an environment of Christian discipleship in our homes. We all want our kids to grow in love for Jesus, and we can help each other with it.

The gatherings are for anyone with kids at home. The plan is start at 5 pm each week and finish in time to get home before bedtime. Our meetings will be built around three parts: (1) fellowship meal, (2) activities for parents and kids to grow together, and (3) breakout time for parents and kids to split up for age appropriate reflection on strengthening faith in our homes. You’ll come away with a deeper experience of community along with fresh parenting strategies and resources to lead your family on the journey of following Jesus.

Parents will have the opportunity to read the book Grow at Home: A Beginner's Guide to Family Discipleship by Winfield Bevins. During the breakout time, Pastor Matt will lead a group discussion focused on issues that come up in the book.

Save these dates: June 9, 23, and 30

Click here to register now and let us now your family is coming.

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